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ANMI at Work - Submissions to the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)


ANMI submission requesting to extend the time till December 31, 2020 for operation of trading terminal from designated alternate location and relaxation for maintenance of call recoding of order / instructions.

29 September 2020


ANMI Submission to keep open offices of MIIs on 29th & 30th August, 2020 to resolve concerns of members in implementing margin pledge/ repledge process.

28 August 2020


ANMI Submission seeking exemption to Stock brokers from reporting for pledge created by its clients under SAST Regulations

18 August 2020


ANMI submission requesting for waiver of penalty for short margining in all the segments till 18th September.

14 September 2020


ANMI submission requesting to extend the timeline for submission of Undertaking under Point No.9 of Circular dated September 2020 of NSE upto October 31, 2020.

24 September 2020


ANMI submission requesting “staggering of margins and penalty for short/ non collection of margin from clients”.

23 September 2020