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President's Message

Dear Member,   It has been a long arduous journey of to build an organisation so illustrious as ANMI. Since inception, each president has put in his best in skill, knowledge and experience to create the foundation of the organisation. The job at hand thus is to live up to standards already set and take it forward to higher levels to set a comprehensive road map to be followed in future.   I also take this opportunity to heartily thank you all for your faith in me to be the President of ANMI for 2019-20. I am sure that with your continued support we shall certainly be able to address various issues and implement plans and practices for a better capital market of tomorrow. We should implement practices that will help Indian capital market unfurl into a wonderful world of growth and hold the key to the development of the country's economy.   As you are aware, ANMI is constantly in touch with various authorities on key issues related to capital market; some of which include “Clarification on Stamp Duty” on the issue of Chargeability as well as on the issue of Valuation. We are also seeking personal meetings with various officials for clarification on matter.   ANMI has taken initiative to prepare a detailed report on “Margining Structure in F&O Segment” which is supported by members’ views. This report is under preparation and will further strengthen the margining system which is equitable for both the parties.   On SEBI circular on Interoperability of clearing corporations; ANMI is making a representation to the concerned authority on clarification of applicability of STT on delivery based transactions. Any update on this matter will be shared with members.   Recently issued SEBI paper on “Self-Regulatory Organizations in Securities Market” is a milestone for security market participants. As an association, we are awaiting our members responses on the discussion paper. SRO gives strength and stability to the sector, as self–regulations help closely monitor and provide guidance to all members associated with that sector. I am hopeful that ANMI can approach for SRO status, and enhance effectiveness to contribute to the growth of the capital market.   As I start my tenure as President, I would appreciate your continued support, along with suggestions, for improvements in regulations of the capital market, while protecting the interest of investors. We, at ANMI, would bring all viable suggestions for the consideration of authorities. To further enhance our focus and efficiencies, sub-committees have been formed to address various segments of the capital market. Members can give suggestions to the Chairman of the Committees on issues pertaining to the identified segments.   Once again, I thank you all for affording me this opportunity to serve as your President, and assure you my commitment to perform my duties to the best of my ability.   Thanking You,     Vijay Bhushan President, ANMI