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President's Message

To all near & dear,

First of all, I appreciate the efforts made by all past presidents for giving their best of the skills, knowledge & experience to take ANMI since its Incorporation. I heartily thank you all for keeping faith & considering me capable for the most responsible position of this association. I pledge to concede the responsibility & trust with docile.

ANMI through its strenuous governing bodies has always marked its presence in the capital market promoting the healthy development in economy of the nation. In addition uplifting investor relationship, confidence & expectations with the support of large member fraternity giving their valuable suggestions. All these have smoothened the trade both in primary & secondary market in global perspective reflecting the root of fundamental investment in India.

ANMI is also a contributory for various legislative developments & changes. It influences practice followed by the investors, intermediaries etc., to make the Indian market more fluent to various class of Investors. It will be in continuous tangent with various regulatory authorities viz., Ministry of Finance, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Recognized Stock Exchanges etc to make them aware of changing investor’s needs, difficulties at intermediary level which is facing a mismatch from investor end to the regulatory end.

Note on Pending Issues:

It is the intent of ANMI to obtain SRO status, for which it has already submitted required documents to govt of India. Another similar effort is being made by us to bring uniformity in stamp duty across the nation with regard to capital & securities market. A strong and regular follow up with the concerned authorities is required to attain the desired status earlier the possible in both the pending issues.

Current scenario of the ANMI mission:

It is the time to restructure our administerial strategy by constituting various committees to the board, for optimum discharge of responsibilities on the board. And there is a requirement to make tie-ups with several participants in the market such as Mutual Funds, Angel investors, Private equities, insurance regulators or organizations, investor associations, large brokers, FII’s/FDI’s etc to fulfill our Objectives.

Future plan to match changing market conditions:

Since our establishment, we have been neglecting the retail debt market which is also a major area among the Capital & securities market. To promote debt market & debt instruments giving equal importance as that of other markets which we deal in day to day business.

As a new platform for the purpose of SME is to enable entrepreneurs of this level also to enjoy the various benefits of getting listed on stock exchange having nationwide trading. Trading Members, Brokers & other intermediaries have extended service for successful launch of several IPO’s to get listed here. It is required to make even more efforts to help investors to reach such exchange.

Yet there is a desire for us to be abide of all applicable laws and to be in compliance with the corporate governance requirements. With our past experience we have come to know many more Do’s & Don’ts for the welfare of members of association. However, we have our past president Alumni to caution us on any miss path followed accidently.

It is open for any member to approach me any time with regard to any issues to ripe them. And also everyone to be equally fortuitous to raise their new issues to the board to contemplate. I put all my efforts to settle them down with harmony.

My agenda as for the this term would include:-

I commit myself for the accomplishment, of the above enumerated agenda, in the most transparent manner. It is the time to show the unity among the members of association to raise voice and counter any malpractice followed in the market.

As a president it is my humble request to everyone associated, to kindly extend their support & tender suggestions to fulfill the objective & reason behind formation of this association keeping well stated mission & vision.

Thanks & Regards

Dr. R.M.C.V. Prasada Rao
President, ANMI