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President's Message

Dear Members

It’s a great honour and privilege to serve you as the President of ANMI for Financial Year 2020-21. I express my heartfelt gratitude for reposing your trust and confidence in me.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous good work of our outgoing president Mr. Vijay Bhushan. Under Mr. Bhushan’s able leadership over the past year, ANMI once again excelled in its commitment for market development and emerged as the strongest voice of the industry.

I wish to continue the legacy of Mr. Bhushan and all our past presidents who have contributed towards lending a new dimension to ANMI.

I must also thank the National Secretariat team led by our CEO Mr. Raghavendra Prasad for ensuring smooth sailing of such a large and pan-India organization like ANMI.

At the same time, I must acknowledge the unfathomable hard work and commitment of all our members. You have been the key pillars behind ANMI’s transition from a mere intermediary body to an organization par excellence and a policy influencer shaping our Capital Markets and contributing to Nation Building.

During my 12 years of association with ANMI in diverse roles, I have been a part and parcel of many such landmark achievements and great contributions of this organization.

This makes the task cut out for me even more arduous and challenging. As you are aware, I take over at a time which is extremely difficult, not just for India’s Capital Markets but also for our economy and every other world economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown unprecedented challenges upon us. It has tested our resilience and preparedness to survive and sustain when tides are not in our favour.

The initial days of the COVID-19 induced lockdown were fraught with difficulties. Most of us struggled to reach our workplaces or adapt to the conditions of ‘work-from-home’ to ensure Capital Market services remained undisrupted.

This was despite the government classifying Capital Market as an essential service and guiding law enforces on ground to ensure smooth passage of all industry participants, including market intermediaries, for fulfilling their duties.

While the inconvenience forced many of us to demand stoppage of capital market services, it also brought to the fore our own level of preparedness to deal with such crisis, which could well become the “new normal” hereon. Many of us have suffered greatly because we lacked the basic technology infrastructure to support continued services.

Hence, in the post COVID-19 world, my primary focus will be to lead, encourage and facilitate greater modernization of our industry for making it even more robust and resilient against any impending crisis or challenge.

This, of course, will be in addition to my other primary agendas of enhancing synergies with the government and regulator for fast-tracking pending reforms pertaining to Taxation, Cost of Transaction and Cost of Compliance, among others.

The importance of Financial Inclusion and Financial literacy can never be ignored for Capital Market development. Hence, both would continue to remain at the forefront of my priorities for ANMI.

I realize that all these goals can’t be achieved easily or even sooner till India gets a better grip on the Coronavirus pandemic.

This means, all of us at ANMI will need to join our united forces for using this time to prepare the ground. We will need to build upon our own strengths even as we keep our focus and faith intact on tenability of all our goals.

We might be entering into an altogether new era where our ideas and innovative streak will determine the road to success. How far we can go from here now entirety depends on how well we walk the talk.

I sincerely believe together we can all march towards greater glories.

Looking forward to your continued support and encouragement.


Anup Kr Khandelwal