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SEBI Chairman's Message

As the famous quote goes, “Believing in yourself is the first secret of success. This is also applicable to investment in Securities market. For harnessing this belief one has to continuously evolve in realms of ever changing market, with the help of continuous education and awareness. Economic function of the securities market is to ensure that savings get channelized into the productive investments proposal, which leads to capital formation and economic growth. One of the main objectives of SEBI is to protect the interest of investors in securities. Investors Education and Awareness is key to investor protection.
Complexities of the securities market have grown manifold during last three decades with so many development relating to market structure, newer product to name a few. These developments represent the supply side of the market. On the demand side too, newer participants have entered the market. Also, the trends in participation of retail investors are encouraging in terms of growth in number of demat accounts as also number of portfolio of mutual funds. There is a need for new investors to make informed investment decisions. Thus, investor awareness and education play an important role in educating the investor. One should not get lured by false promises and unsolicited advice.
As a Securities Market Regulators, SEBI is member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). In October every year, world over, World Investor Week is celebrated, in order to give further impetus to the various investor education and awareness initiatives. SEBI has been participating in the celebrations along with exchanges, depositories, investor associations, commodity derivative trainers, resource person, et al since 2017.
This year, because of the pandemic, celebration of the World Investor Week has been delayed and we will be celebrating the week during the said celebrations such as “Investor Awareness Webinar: A Key to Financial Well being.” Many activities are planned during the said celebrations such as Investors Awareness Webinars, Special Purpose Webinars, nationwide quiz competitions, digital brochures, informative videos, etc. I am sure that the investors, especially those who have joined securities market recently, will attend these programs in large number and get benefitted.
I wish all the best to all the participants.