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Board of Directors

  • Members elect 11 members to the Regional Executive Committee.
  • The Regional Executive Committes nominate directors to the central council.
  • The Board functions under the President and assisted by alternate President.
  • The Post of President and Alternate President rotates annually between the regions.
  • The regional council elects the President & Alternate President from amongst their elected council members.
S.No 1
Name Mr. Vijay Bhushan
Designation President
Organization Bharat Bhushan Equity Traders Limited
S.No 2
Name Mr. Anup Kumar Khandelwal
Designation Alternate President
Organization Vardhaman Capital Private Limited
S.No 3
Name Mr. Vinod Kumar Goyal
Designation Director – EIRC
Organization V. G. Capital Market Private Limited
S.No 4
Name Mr. Ankit Ajmera
Designation Director – WIRC
Organization Ajcon Global Services Ltd
S.No 5
Name Mr. Rajesh Baheti
Designation Director – WIRC
Organization Crosseas Capital Services Pvt Ltd
S.No 6
Name Mr. Ashish Ajmera
Designation Director – WIRC
Organization Ajmera Associates Limited
S.No 7
Name Mr. Kamlesh Vadilal Shah
Designation Director – WIRC
Organization Total Securities Limited
S.No 8
Name Mr. Naresh Tejwani
Designation Director – WIRC
Organization SATCO Capital Markets Limited
S.No 9
Name Mr. Vijay Singhania
Designation Director – WIRC
Organization VNS Finance & Capital Services Limited
S.No 10
Name Mr. Rajiv Gupta
Designation Director – NIRC
Organization RBC Financial Services Private Limited
S.No 11
Name Mr. Sunil Khemka
Designation Director – NIRC
Organization ISF Securitiers Limited
S.No 12
Name Mr. Vijay Mehta
Designation Director – NIRC
Organization Mefcom Securrities Private Limited
S.No 13
Name Mr. K. K. Maheshwari
Designation Director – SIRC-APT
Organization CIL Securities Limited
S.No 14
Name Mr. K. Suresh
Designation Director – SIRC-TKK
Organization India Cements Investment Services Limited