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1 October 2020

ANMI Webinar#23-Knowledge Series-in association with MCX- *"Opportunities in Commodities markets "* - 1st October 2020 at 5PM. The Webinar will be hosted by Mr Rishi Nathany - Head - Business. Development & Marketing. - MCX and Mr. Anupkumar Khandelwal - President - ANMI will address with welcome and keynote. The event will be graced by the following Speakers : 1) Mr. S. Krishnamurthy - Director Indian Cements Investment Services Ltd. 2) Mr. Vivek Agarwal - Director, East India Sec. Ltd. 3) Mr. Viral Shah - Principal Head of Comm. FX, IIFL Wealth. 4) Mr. Kishore Narne - Associate Director, Motilal Oswal Group Management Ltd. 5) Ms. Vandana Bharti - AVP, SMC Global Sec. Ltd. Request you to please fill and submit below registration form https://forms.gle/z1iG7cLNXL7c1Li36 and get webinar link by email- Regards ANMI
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